Preview Maker

If you prefer spend the time making kits instead of making the previews, this service is just for you!

I’ll make the preview of your product, using your preview template (if you have one), in the style you want, below are some examples. I made it in a full size canvas, so I can resize it to fit your needs.

The price for each product/kit* preview is just $2.
* Kit preview: The service includes a preview for the whole kit and a preview just for papers.

It can be for kits, for QP, for designer stash… What ever you sell, I can make the preview for you.


– For papers:

Type 1
The papers appear perfectly ordered
Type 2Te papers looks funny and crazy

– For elements:

Type 1
Some elements in the center of the preview, so the customers can see the papers perfectly. The bad thing is that the customer don’t see the whole kit, but you can state in the description that “Not all showed in preview”
Type 2
Most of the elements covering the space. That way your customers can see the whole kit, but you’ll neeed to make 2 previews, one for the elements and other without them so customers can see the papers.
Type 3
All the elements below, so the customers can see the whole kit and the papers at the same time. The disadvantage is that sometimes customers may feel stressed with so many elements together.

* If you want another styles, or you just want to ask me, feel free to do it. Remember that I can make your own preview, I mean, I cam make a custom preview style just for you 😉


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