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The Designer Magazine will be published in the next hours… Yes! I know it’s quite late, but I have to wait till all the designers are ready 😉 Also, I’ll start selling at GS by October 6th! BWAHAAHAAH!! Now, you can find me in two wonderful stores with a lot of wonderful, beautiful ladies!


I’ve made this wonderful collab with FrenchGirl, it’s on special sale! So, you can grab it for just $3.15! It’s a great collab with a lot of elements and papers of many styles, so you can match your style and much others!
Go to the store now!

Freebie zone

Today, it’s a CU freebie! I made this wonderful style for my own use but I think it’s better if I share it with all of you.. So here it comes! Feel free to change the colors, but please, read my TOU.



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Not really!

Finally, my store will be opened at GS by Oct 6th… Sorry for that! But don’t worry, you can find my products at AMS, an I’ve new products this week! Yeaaah!! This week will be released the designer Magazine so you’ll receive a little Newsletter with the download link 😉


CT ladies!

I’ve to say that I love all the things that my CT do! I really apprecieate them! They are great! Look what they have made this week:

Click to gallery
by Aida

Click to gallery
by Edna

Click to gallery
by Edna

Click to blog & freebie
by Amanda

Click to gallery
by Deep

Click to gallery
by Deep

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More cool news!

While we are waiting to see my store opened at GingerScrap, I’ve to confess that… I’m exciting! Why? Because I’ve just released some services that some people request to me and they’ve success! I’ve to say thanks to all of you 😉 Also, I love what the CT does and I’ve found that I love to make actions! So… let’s see what I’ve release this monday at AMS and I promise there will be some actions next month!


New service…

I’ve just launched officialy my Preview Maker service… What does it means? Simply… If you hate to make previews or you just want me to do it for you, I’ll do it! And it’s so cheap! Just $2 per kit/product. If it’s a kit, the price includes the whole preview and the papers preview. So it’s a great opportunity! Check out the whole service by clicking the image below this lines:


She is my newest CT lady and she has created this wonderful LO using the past freebie! Isn’t it lovely? Please, leave some love 😉

Click to gallery

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A lot of news!

Yes! It’s monday again! And, like all the mondays, you’re receiving this newsletter from me. I’ve released two products and I have a big announcement for all of you… I’ll start sell at GingerScraps by September 22. I’m working hard to have the same stuff in both stores so that I’ve also make a generic preview of my products, so that I don’t promote one store of another. So, here are the new released with the new preview! Now, they are only available at A Moment in Scrap.


More news…

Yes! there are more news… One of this news is that I’ve just set up a Facebook Fan Page, so you can me my fan, stay updated of my new released, freebies and news and receive RAKs! This the page: Scrapbookizate. Also, I’m offering different services, check them out:

Lovely girls

Yes… they are my CT team 😛 Amanda does this amazing wordart for all of you… She created a freebie kit and this wordart! Click on the image so you can go to her wonderfull blog and grab it. She used my Text Action #2. In her blog, there are a lot of freebies, I promise you’ll like them as much as I do 🙂

Have you ever thing what happens when you use my text actions in elements? Amanda did it, and she created the wonderful jockey tickers showed below this text. Didn’t you think the stickers looks great?? I love it… Also, if you click in the preview you’ll be redirected to her blog so you can grab this freebie kit.

Also, I’ve two lovely layouts, made by Brenian, one of my CT girls! I love the boy’s smile… Isn’t it so lovely? Click in the image to go to the AMS gallery, if you want to leave some love to these adorable layouts! Thanks you for doing that 🙂 She used my new kit United States.

Click to gallery

Click to gallery

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Little, late news

Sorry for the delay! But it was because I haven’t released any kit… Also, my CT didn’t finish yet, so we have to wait to see their amazing work. Buut… I have a Sneak Peek!!

Yes! It’s a United Stated themed kit! 😀 I hope all of you like it

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Hi you all!

Hi all! In the past newsletter I give a layout action to my subscribers, have you use it? Do you like it? I’m interesting in knowing you opinion. I spent a lot of time making it so I wish you like it as much as I. I’m quite busy in the designers magazine I’m creating with Frechgirl and Jenn White and maybe more (I’m waiting for their reply!) I’m so exciting with this project, because in just 4 days I’ve filled a lot of spots and some designers will create tips and freebies for the mag! Isn’t it so perfect? The subscriber of this newsletter will recieve a little newsletter October 1st saying something like… “Hey! You can download the mag here!!” I’m sure you’ll like this magazine all the content! Do you guess so happy I am? LOL

CT Work

Last week I don’t show my CT work, but this is the big week! I promise that I’ll show you more wonderful layouts and projects of these ladies! If you want to be a my CT member, read this post.

Click to enlarge
Amanda used my Photo Action #2 in this beautiful layout.

The kit she used is her own kit, but she haven’t released it yet.. LOL

I like it too much, hope she released it soon! 😀

Simply, cute layout.

Click to gallery
Sarah used my kit Waiting for You.
Isn’t her layout lovely? I love pregnancy layouts! I feel so good when I see how sweety you feel with your little miracle inside… I don’t have babys – but I want to have a lot 😀 – maybe this is the reason I love this kind of layouts…

Love… sweeeeeeeet love!

New releases

This week I only have one new product…. But It’s because I’ve made more products but because of a little issue they will be published the next monday… So that I’ll explain a little more about this new product 😀

This is an Preview Action! for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 and 14 papers!
The only thing that you have to do is open the papers in Photoshop, and run the action. That’s all! When the action ends you can change the size to fit it to your preview template or your needs. I hope you like it 🙂
It works in Photoshop CS2 and higher

Coming soon to the store

I’m currently making 3 collabs! LOL 1 Is the october collab at A Moment in Scrap, another is a collab with Frengirl and the other is a Charity Collab. I hope you like all of them hehehe Also, there is a Sneak Peek of the products that haven’t been released today but they are ready, so they will be on my store next monday.

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I’ve to say thanks to my new CT members and newsletter subscribers. I was designing for aproximately a year and a half and I recently change my style… and it success! I’ve very excited with the re-open of my store. Well, I never closed my last store, but it was in a store without any sales. This reason doesn’t make me happy and I doesn’t release too much products to the store… But now I’m selling at A Moment in Scrap and the people are wonderfull, both CT members and Designers and now I’m too happy! So I promise I’ll create a freebie to all my weekly newsletter subscribers. Or If I don’t have enought time, I’ll attach a coupon code to grab a product from my store for free. Also, I promise I’ll make wonderful products and kits for you 🙂
I hope you like my work so there are my new releases for this monday. Images are linked to make your life easier LOL

CT Work

Do you need some inspiration? Let my CT show their work, I promise you’ll feel full of ideas! But not today 😉 They’ve just start and obviously they need time. So here you will find info about two wonderful ladies! Yes! they are my current CT! =D If you want to be a my CT member, read this post.

Brenian is using my fav kit… Waiting for You!And I can’t wait for her layouts! I promise they will be wonderful!

You can visit her blog, where you’ll find inspiration and her products, because she is a designer! Hope you like it 😉

Amanda is using my Photo Action #2 and soon you’ll see the result.I hope you like it as much as I like her lovely layouts! =)

You can visit her lovely blog which is full of freebies and inspiration! Sure you’ll download something! LOL

New releases

Coming soon to the store

This items are kits or other stuff in progress, I hope you like all of them 😉 Open my next newsletter to see the whole preview and even the link to the store if the product have been released!


In the newsletter my subscriber receibe there is a layout action freebie! Yes! From an empty canvas to a complete layout ready to add the journal and print it! It will be soon in my store. Also, for the non-subscriber and the subscribers, there are another freebie! I hope you like it. It’s a QP Package made using my Boutique kit. All QP cames in 12 x 12 and 8 x 11 inches.

* Freebie expired *

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